Mobile phones 'can trigger skin allergies'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usRADIATION from mobile phones can trigger reactions in people with skin allergies, according to new research. Tests showed exposure to microwaves produced by mobiles can cause an allergic response in people who have eczema or dermatitis. A Japanese scientist made the discovery after testing blood samples that showed phone users had higher levels of chemicals pumped out by the immune system when there was an allergic reaction. It is only a matter of time before you see signs up telling people that cell phones can kill you. You think I am being extreme but you only need to look at the cigarette billboards that exclaim loudly how dangerous cigearettes are. The Scotsman - UK - Mobile phones 'can trigger skin allergies'


The Environmental Protection Agency has determined cell phone towers are safe!!!

Image Hosted by The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that cell phone towers are safe!!?? Wow! It just goes to show that the cell phone industry has a powerful lobby and lots of money. School Board President Larry Mason is in favor of these leases, calling them a, "big moneymaker." They can bring in profits around $90,000 a year. But does any amount of money justify putting school children at risk? The philosophy seems to be: take a pill, do some Chemotherapy, you're only 15 years old, we can fix you. I feel that children should not be getting leukemia and brain cancer at such young ages. The INDEPENDENT STUDIES HAVE NOT BEEN DONE on the effects of these towers on humans. Schoolchildren should NOT be put at risk when there is a question about their safety. Folks, this is reminiscent of high voltage power lines in many school districts. They actually proved that these power lines increased the risk of cancer and leukemia and the courts stepped in to protect the children. Should we allow the telecommunications industry to put these towers in schools when they have not yet been proven safe, when there are studies that bring into question the safety of these towers' effect on living organisms? Does this make any sense to you? These towers are being put up now, as I write, in a neighborhood, church or school district near you and the test results are not good. Read my previous posting to learn more. Clark County schools expected to OK cell phone towers


Schools and Cell Tower Antennas

Image Hosted by This site is a great source of information about cell phone towers being placed near schools. Learn how concerned parents banded together to fight these hazards and get them removed from their schools. This is one of the most comprehensive and purely analytical sites I have found covering the issue of cell towers and high-voltage power lines being placed near schools. The stories on this site span the globe, reminding us that this is a worldwide battle we are fighting for the health of our children and ourselves. Please click on the link below and read for yourself. Schools and Cell Tower Antennas


Tumour risk for rural mobile users 4X as likely!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usResearchers found that people from rural areas who had used a digital mobile for five years or more were up to four times more likely to be diagnosed with a tumour. Prof Kjell Hansson Mild, a biologist at Örebro University, Sweden, said: "Mobile phones can use up to 1,000 times more power when they are far away from a base station. "Our research suggests that you are more at risk of a brain tumour if you live in the countryside and are consistently using a mobile far from their transmitters." Is this a good reason to build more towers, hmmm, let me think for a second, I THINK NOT! What does the tumor rate go down to, if the towers are emitting 1,000 times more power and you are across the street from them? The more I learn the more I fear the future of the wireless era upon us. Please read more on this story below. Telegraph | News | Tumour risk for rural mobile users: "Prof Kjell Hansson Mild, a biologist at �rebro University, Sweden, said: 'Mobile phones can use up to 1,000 times more power when they are far away from a base station.